I utilize a marriage and family therapy systemic and relational approach to explore all that influences an individual’s present state of being. An attempt to explore needs, shift patterns, and work towards solutions collaboratively is valued from a non-diagnostic perspective.

I primarily utilize solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) and Ericksonian
hypnotherapy philosophies, but other systemic approaches are incorporated when
appropriate; together with meditation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques.
In SFBT, problems are thought to occur in human interaction, and solutions lie in
changing these interactions assisting the client to do something different. As one part of
the system changes, this affects the whole system, and the focus is on the solution process.

▪ Aspects of the individual’s problem are explored in a respected and honored
manner, and are utilized to facilitate concrete goals for possible future solutions.
▪ A respect for time is honored to explore in a thoughtful and collaborative manner;
attentively selecting, building, and bridging toward solutions.
▪ Movement toward new patterns or sequences are explored as well exceptions,
giving light to past moments when positive moments occurred and creating
opportunities to collaboratively construct solutions.
▪ Individuals are the expert and are respected for their strength and resilience.
▪ An individual’s experience of any type of difference requires exploration in
relationships among people or things.
▪ When there is difference in an individual’s behavior, thoughts, feelings,
perceptions, and context this can make a difference in the problem and the
▪ As individuals make any kind of change, their experiences change.

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