IMG_6174-e1 Hypnotherapy facilitates the subconscious, as well as internal awareness that can be useful in facilitating inner experimental learning and aiding in automatic changes. A level beyond an
individual’s normal state of awareness is explored to facilitate goals, decrease physical and/or emotional pain, and improve
wellness. I utilize Milton H. Erickson’s hypnotherapy approach to facilitate aspects of the individual’s behavior, and physiological and perceptual processes. I facilitate an individual’s internal
attention, with less attention to external factors in a creative and flexible manner. This is utilized to enter into the individual’s system as part of their process in discovering their own solutions to the problems they are encountering. The goal is to facilitate change in aspects of behavior, sensory experiences, and conscious experiences. This may include extended experiences beyond the individual’s conscious state that influence how they feel and act.

The therapy process involves:
▪ The therapist initiating movement and change through experience not through
▪ Individuals are active in working toward change in their perception, cognition,
emotions, and behavior.
▪ The therapist utilizes individual’s perceptions, resources, and promotes meaning.
▪ Therapy is future oriented.