Psychotherapy Services


Individual’s interest in psychotherapy services may be due to difficulties in one’s
life and/or to explore inner growth, change, and direction. I provide services for
children, adolescents, and adults in individual, couples, and family sessions. I
also assist clinicians in self-care, as well as enhancement of extrasensory
perception, alternatives in psychotherapy, and the use of a mind/body
perspective in psychotherapy. Sessions may involve verbal psychotherapy (as
we know it), hypnotherapy, and meditation or mindfulness. Sessions are geared
towards individual’s needs and modalities are tailored; not all modalities are
utilized for all clients and mutual respect is honored. I work as a facilitator to
one’s process and a collaborative approach between the client and myself is of
essence. Sessions may assist in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

▪ Self-care and self-exploration
▪ Preventive healthcare, stress management, and stress related disorders
▪ Gastrointestinal and cardiac disorders
▪ Depression
▪ Sleep disorders
▪ Anxiety disorders
▪ Low self-esteem
▪ Grief/ loss
▪ Addiction
▪ Marital and parenting difficulties
▪ Collaborative divorce
▪ Adjustment for refugees
▪ Parapsychology (extrasensory perception)

Psychotherapy sessions include an initial evaluation (exploring all that may be influencing symptoms), psychotherapy session, hypnotherapy if desired, instruction of individualized homework developed in collaboration with client, and use of adjunct techniques if needed to enhance change. All sessions are individualized according to your needs and goals.